Site Access Control System for Visitors, Employees and Contractors

A suite of flexible site access control modules for visitors, employees and contractors

Choose the setup that works best for your workplace and its sites!

The ultimate array of site access control options where you can mix and match to suite your unique workplace.

Visitor Management System (Kiosk App / Tablet and Desktop versions)

Contractor sign in / sign out app

QR code sign ins

GEO Fence your site

Compliance checks

COVID19 Prescreening form

Card Printing and Card Management

Turnstile, Facial Recognition and Site Access Control Sign in

Visitor Management System
(Kiosk App / Tablet and Desktop versions)

A comprehensive visitor management system for creating the best visitor experiences for when they sign in and sign out in your workplace. Sign in and out visitors on a tablet using our Work Sign app. Issue a sticker upon sign in, present emergency content and even collect emergency contact information.

  • Sign in and out visitors

  • Registry of who is on site right now

  • Communication tools to SMS all visitors on site about an emergency

  • Issue a sign in sticker

  • Historical activity of who signed in, for how long for and when

  • Issue person visiting notifications that the visitor has arrived

  • Present emergency procedure content and other sign in material

  • Desktop version on a touch screen monitor

  • Capture photos

  • Using the Work Sign app setup a tablet sign in kiosk

  • Setup a reception style visitor or contractor check in area

  • Have a touch screen setup or tablets at reception

  • Contractor sign in / sign out app

    Specialised for contractors, checking induction status, non compliance checks and custom contractor sign in process. Includes a contracting company card management area.

  • Scan an induction card to sign in and out on site

  • New contractor arrival process

  • Notifications of who is on site and who visiting

  • Block non compliant contractors

  • Custom workflows around signing in and out contractors

  • Setup and issue contractor sign in cards

  • QR code sign ins

    Create QR code sign in posters for staff and contractors to scan using just their phones camera for sign in and sign out on site. No app or other hardware required! Perfect for remote locations or other sites that can't have a kiosk type setup.

  • Create posters for different sites

  • Scan with just a phone camera

  • Build in other workflows as part of the sign in process such as a photo or form

  • Check Induction status as part of sign in, prompt induction if not inducted

  • Show a prescreening form

  • Show induction content

  • GEO Fence your site

    Create a geo boundary around a site for automatic sign in and sign out when contractors or visitors arrive at that location

  • Using the Work Sign app staff can see sites they are near and automatically sign in and out when in or out of the boundary
  • Compliance Checks

    A critical piece of the sign in process is to make sure staff and contractors are compliant when arriving on site. Using the Work Sign platform, you can cross check against insurance, induction status, incident history, blocks and other compliance checks as part of the sign in process.

  • Induction status check

  • Contractor insurance checks (i.e. Do they have workers comp?)

  • Incident history

  • SWMS and Permit to Work workflows that are required as part of working on site

  • Overall compliance and contractor prequalification approval
  • COVID19 Prescreening Form

    Set up a prescreening form as part of the sign in process to check the medical and contact history of the person signing in to make sure they have not had contact with an infectious disease.

  • Prescreen all staff and contractors

  • COVID case exposure check

  • Flu symptoms check

  • Travel history check
  • Card Management

  • Print and issue RFID cards

  • Capture photos to print on cards

  • Link Induction and compliance status to cards

  • Cutt off access when non compliant
  • Turnstile, Facial Recognition and Site Access Control Sign in

    As part of our Work Sign platform, we created the program GateMate module enabling you to setup turnstile and other site access hardware site access control on site. GateMate is a controller software that works with your turnstile hardware.

  • Facial recognition site access option

  • Card manager to print sign in cards onto RFID cards for site access

  • Turnstile won't let them in if non compliant

  • Flexible site access control system that works with multiple types of site access hardware and RFID cards

  • GateMate is a controller Works with your turnstile hardware

  • Offline mode, ensures people on site can get in and out if no Internet access

  • Management console for who's on site right now and card management
  • Get started with the ultimate Sign in / Sign out site access platform

    Create and deliver high impact and easy to distribute site access control tools for your site