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There are lots of new tools we've created to bring more engaging and interactive training experiences around workplace risks, hazards and site specific procedures as part of our contractor induction. New updates to our permit to work software, training matrix, work order software and employee induction.

We've launched new templates! View our latest templates right here.

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Pioneering innovation for over 1000+ organisations, across over 300,000+ of their suppliers and contractors and over 3 million+ users

Products for every level of business to help you engage and manage your workforce and workplace. Products include our most popular and flagship Online Induction Software and our Incident Reporting Software as well as our growing modules: Contractor Management System, Work Order Software, Visitor Sign In System, Compliance Training, Contractor Prequalification, Contractor Compliance Management and our two most popular apps: Online Induction app and our Incident Reporting app.

Powering organisations with Safety Inductions, Site Inductions, Contractor Induction and Employee Inductions, Induction Programs, Employee Onboarding, Volunteer Onboarding, Incident Report Templates, Hazard Reporting, Supplier Management, Permit to Work, Induction Checklist, Injury Management System and Workers Comp Claim Management.
Work Engage

Tools to engage your workforce

Essential Induction Program for day 1 of contractors, employees and visitors in your workplace.
Online Induction Software for contractors, visitors, volunteers and employees, our #1 most popular product.

Contractor Management System
Comprehensive Contractor Management System and Contractor Induction

Onboarding New Starters & Employees
Employee onboarding program and new employee induction. Extensive content library ranging from an Employee Induction Pack, Employee Handbook. Comprehensive employee onboarding software, contractor onboarding, customer onboarding and Onboarding portal.

Permit to Work
Manage work permits, create custom workflows, contractor approvals and permit to work registry and form library

Induction App
Deliver your induction a mobile format on our top ranked app: Induction

Safety Management Tools, Packs & Content
SWMS management, Job Safety Analysis templates, Induction Pack, Take 5 form, Fatigue Calculator and induction checklist.
Massive inductions library, a huge selection from our forms library all as part of our overall safety management software.

Review of vendors/suppliers and contractors and their full safety and risk history. Tools to conduct a full contractor prequalification review of the systems, processes, certifications and insurances.

Supplier Management and Performance Review
Comprehensive supplier management system, supplier onboarding, performance management, annual safety and service review.

Compliance Management
Vendor compliance program.

Full mobilisation system

Safety Surveys generating contractor insights and safety insights.

Feedback and Insights
Deep safety analytics, trends, workplace risks analysis and insights, Employee Survey and Contractor Questionnaire.

Risk Registry and managing risks including assigning risks, linking to training and inductions, automatic reminders around actions and more.

Risk Register and Matrix
Create your own Risk Register and customised Risk Matrix

Log a Work Request, Assign Work Orders to preferred contractors with Work Order Software
Work Order system with registry of maintenance work requests, asset management.

Maintenance Management

Preventative Maintenance, Defect Management, Maintenance Management, Asset Tracking, Work Order Management and Maintenance Plan

Work Manage

Manage your workforce workflows

Our second most popular product and #1 on the app store for Incident Reporting and Hazard Reporting, a comprehensive Incident Management System for managing injury reports through to security incidents, property damage, near miss reporting, safety observations, environmental management and corrective actions.

Workers Comp Claims & Injury Management
Comprehensive Workers Comp claims management, Injury Management Software and diagnostic. Manage Return to Work plans with a comprehensive Injury Management System

Hazard Reporting and Hazard Awareness
Follow up workflows for Hazard Reporting, Hazard Identification and investigations.

Safety Management
Full customisable Safety Management Platform

Incident Reporting App
Enable your staff to capture incidents in the field, in real-time using the Incident Report App

Forms, Registries and Templates
Tools and forms to help prevent an incident or manage when something goes wrong

Create and assign ongoing learning courses to your workforce with our online training platform. Workplace Learning Platform for scheduling courses, course authoring, compliance training with automatic reminders and training record management.

Training Matrix
Online Training Matrix and Skills Matrix

Learning Management Tools
Microlearning, Training Plan, Professional Development Training

Training App
Deliver and track ongoing training to employees, contractors, volunteers and other role types such as supervisor training and engage them using our Work Courses LMS mobile app.

Training Course Library
Huge selection of training courses and videos you can pick from

Sign in / Sign out staff, visitors and contractors on site. Comprehensive visitor management system and site attendance app.

Sign In Register
Visitor sign in register and Contractor sign in register to track who is on site right now and historical sign in data.

Visitor, Staff and Contractor Sign in Management
Create custom visitor sign in workflows, manage contractor check in and check out across multiple sites

Mulitple Styles for Site Access
Facial recognition scanners, Visitor Sign in App, QR code sign in, Geofence and Electronic Sign in System

Card Management
Issue Induction Cards, RFID based or visitor stickers with full card management tools

Site Access Hardware
Turnstile sign in system, mobile app for tablets and card reader systems

Site Management Tools
Who's on site right now? Emergency evacuation communication tools, GPS location and historical sign in data. Tools for an online visitor log book, geofence and electronic sign in system.

Future of Work

Augmented Reality Workplace Experiences

AR Training creating immersive augmented reality (AR) workplace training experiences around procedures, risks, hazards, inductions and training.

Setup AR Experiences for Procedures, Risks, Hazards and Training
Create immersive and augmented reality training using our workplace AR Training app.

Work Verify

Verification of your workforce data

Artificial Intelligence Powered Verification of Insurances and Certifications
Powerful AI based verification of your workforce licenses, certifications and insurances

Save time with the real time verification of insurances, certifications and training using our AI technology.

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